It’s time to scrap the old and start anew! ūüėČ

Have you thought about a New Year’s Resolution yet? If not, we’d like to share some thoughts on the year ahead. Here are some helpful tips to consider when thinking about ways to improve going into next year and some easy things you can do to make next year¬†even better than the last. If you have ideas you want to share with your fellow scrappers, let us know!

Start Saving!

Remember having a¬†piggy bank as a child? It’s always a good idea to¬†keep extra money in savings. Just take a¬†small percentage out from the payout at¬†each trip to the scrap yard. Then you can decide how to use the money when needed. Whether you want to save it for unexpected emergencies, take a vacation or use it to invest in new equipment, you will have the flexibility and opportunity that you didn’t have before.

Save money to use for:

  • Family vacation or¬†weekend trips
  • Unexpected emergencies
  • Invest in¬†new equipment or buy new tools
  • Gifts for birthdays or holidays
  • Vehicle maintenance

Plan Ahead for Each Season

Each time of year brings new challenges and opportunities. Take a look at this year’s successes and failures. Maybe you forgot to replace a worn-out¬†tool that ended up breaking during a big job, or you had to buy a new generator¬†when the power went out during the ice storm. Whether it is weather related, or economics-driven, you can plan ahead to prevent mistakes and profit loss. Some jobs are more plentiful during different months which may give you slower periods that you can use to plan for the next.

Plan ahead for summer by:

  • Maintain a summer wardrobe with loose, cotton clothing, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Keep various cordless fans, spray bottles and bottled water on hand
  • Know what the majority of jobs will require you to handle (especially if outdoors) and be prepared for those job sites with the right tools¬†or supplies
  • Start following up¬†with previous¬†contacts in the spring to schedule work during summer months

Plan ahead for winter by:

  • Keep a bin full of¬†extra gloves, knit hats, and hand warmers¬†for¬†when cold weather hits
  • Make sure to fill the generator with gas, or have kerosene jugs filled to use in a space¬†heater
  • Purchase chains for your tires and keep an emergency bin in your vehicle for snow-related emergencies when on the road
  • Buy a tire pressure gauge to keep in the glove box

Time Yourself!

Time is money and the time you spend scrapping does factor into the profit you make. Naturally, you will speed up your processes over time with lots of practice. But there are things you can learn and implement now to speed up and be more efficient.

See how quickly¬†you can disassemble a computer, air conditioner or an electric motor. Then research other people’s ideas and make some notes. Re-test yourself to sharpen skills and soon you will find a method that works best for you. You can set smaller goals to help you achieve larger ones. The faster you can prep the metal to get it to the scrap yard, the more you will be able to scrap and the sooner you will make money!

Research and Find Tips

Watching videos is a great way to see other scrappers’ techniques and how they make the most of their time. Spend a little time researching topics and articles online as well as how-to videos on YouTube. If you normally handle specific types of metal, then just focus on better processes when finding, prepping or sorting that type of material. A little effort spent upfront can save lots of time and make you a more efficient scrapper in the long run.

Cheers! We wish you much success in the New Year!

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