“One day to educate. One day to motivate. One day to make recycling bigger and better 365 days a year. Get Involved!”

[That is the motto of America Recycles Day.]

Here are 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Recycling in Honor of America Recycles Day:

1. Start sharing.

Simply put, the less we buy, the less we throw away. Collaborative consumption is a new trend making it easy to gain access to the things we need without having to permanently own things. By sharing, swapping and renting stuff — including tools, appliances, cars, bikes, clothes and toys — instead of shopping for it, we keep unnecessary waste out of the landfill.

2. Become a Re-purposer.

A few generations ago, nothing hit the trash can unless it was absolutely destroyed. Our grandparents repaired things until they couldn’t be repaired any more. And if that happened, they turned that something into something else. Today, we’re unfamiliar with many of these repair and re-purpose skills, but it’s possible to get them back.

3. Sign up for curbside recycling.

Although Americans have been recycling for decades, you’d be surprised how many of us don’t take advantage of recycling programs through public and private waste management programs. If your waste hauler offers recycling and you’re not participating, now is the time to sign up. (Bonus! By recycling more, you can usually downsize your trash container, which could possibly save money.)

4. No curbside recycling available in your area?

Go to to find the nearest recycling center near you. Pick one day of the week to be recycling day, and on that day, collect all of your recyclables and take them to the drop-off center. The website also contains facts on what materials can be recycled and what they can become in their new lives.

5. Make a personal pledge.

Sign up for America Recycles Day. Share in this important day and spread the word through social networks. More people will hear the message.

6. Recycle your scrap metal – of course!

Besides the usual suspects – plastic, glass, paper or cardboard – you can also recycle scrap metal. There are many benefits to recycling scrap metal:

  1. It diverts metal scrap from landfills.
  2. It provides raw material for new products.
  3. It lowers your carbon footprint.
  4. It puts money in your pocket!

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