Pursuing zero waste through environmental conservation

TT&E Cares…A Lot. But Why?

TT&E is a company that likes to do business honestly, safely, and to the customer’s benefit. We were built on honest values and continue running the business to this day with the beliefs instilled by the founders, Alfred and Wallace. Over the years, we’ve grown and expanded while reducing our footprint as much possible to pursue our goal of zero waste. We love our community, customers, and environment, so here’s some of the improvements we’ve made over the years to protect and support these priorities. Visit our scrap yard and see for yourself!

The Benefits of Scrapping in Our Scrap Yard

Fully paved lot | As one of the few recycling facilities in town with a fully paved lot, this greatly reduces the chance of popping a tire or getting a flat while driving through our lot. It also reduces safety risks and creates a better experience while dropping off scrap!

Economical shredder  | Our eco-friendly shredder is electric and water-cooled, which vastly reduces any negative effect on the environment. This machine covers 4 acres and shreds up to 200 tons of scrap metal per hour. What’s really rad is that it can shred an entire car in a few seconds. BAM! It’s gone, shredded for the beginning of its new life. Feature video coming soon!

Community involvement | We love our community more than anything, and we want to do as much as we can to give back. Along with several other donors, Garner has created a playground accessible to all levels of mobility. HOPE Playground (Healthy Outdoor Play for Everyone) includes unique features that allow all children to play as they are able. Our facilities are also offered for training purposes to the EMS, rescue personnel, and local fire departments. We couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of this amazing community!

Solar panels | The business of recycling conserves more than just unwanted metal. Energy is another natural resource saved by reusing metals, so we decided to save even more energy by installing solar panels. These solar panels have saved an incredible amount of energy–for example, they have already offset the energy used by 3,281 dozen 60 watt light bulbs so far this month! That’s amazing. Saving energy is fun kids.

Rail | Most of our finished product is shipped by rail, one of the most efficient forms of transportation, to multiple destinations east of the Missippi.  In 2014 this resulted in the removal of over 4,000 tractor trailer loads from our city streets and national highways.  We’re even working to make this process more efficient by building our own rail spur – Grand Opening announcement coming soon!

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