School Bus

Pay close attention to the top blinking lights on a school bus. The blinking yellow lights mean the bus is slowing down so you should also prepare to reduce your speed. The red blinking lights mean it has stopped at which time you should also be stopped.

Help keep our children safe! Brake for stopped school buses.

Monday, August 29, 2016 is a big day for thousands of our students. They will be going back to school across our state. This means many will be walking and waiting at bus stops in areas including neighborhoods and main roads that we routinely drive on every day.

Drivers illegally passing stopped school buses still poses a problem in North Carolina. This is a very dangerous maneuver by motorists that endangers the students getting on and off the bus. Not only is it a troubling concern for the students and their parents, but drivers can receive a Class 1 misdemeanor for not adhering to the North Carolina School Bus Stop Law.

Furthermore, if a driver is convicted, they could receive five driving points on their license and pay up to a $500 fine. It is also considered a Class I Felony if the driver strikes an individual with their vehicle and carries a minimum fine of $1,250.  Should the violation result in a fatality, the violation would be a Class H Felony and a minimum fine of $2,500.

Do you know the NC School Bus Stop Law?

You can review the NC DMV’s brochure at to refresh your memory on the school bus stop law. Not only do our school bus drivers have to make sure our kids are safe, but they also have to pay attention to themselves and what other drivers are doing in traffic. We all need to do our part to support the drivers to promote safety and awareness.

School Bus Stop

When a school bus performs a stop, the ‘stop arm’ and blinking ‘stop sign’ extends outward to warn drivers it is about to stop.

Distracted driving is one of the biggest reasons more drivers are passing stopped school buses. Refrain from using smart phones and other devices that can impair your driving. Keep your eyes on the road at all times. With your help we can put an end to careless driving and ensure the safety and security of our children during the school year.

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