Recycling Association of North Carolina
TT&E Iron & Metal visited a panel discussion hosted by the Recycling Association of North Carolina (RANC) that took place today at the Grand Marquise Ballroom in Garner, NC. Law enforcement, legislatures, and recycling industry members gathered to discuss legislative developments and metal theft prevention in North Carolina.

RANC was organized to give those in the North Carolina metals recycling industry a voice in the constant fight against materials theft crime and to help change the negative perception held in the community regarding our industry. We are a collection of recyclers, both large and small, that work together to serve public interests, to provide a means of communication between RANC and all other groups interested in or affected by the metal recycling industry, and to use all lawful means to bring about closer cooperation, goodwill, and friendly interaction among everyone involved in all aspects of the scrap industry, law enforcement, legislators, and the public.

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