We offer complete processing, recycling and recovery for demolition scrap from commercial, industrial, and construction demolition. Our two generations of experience has provided us the expertise needed to maximize the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our staff will partner with you to determine the most effective recycling options and coordinate all demolition logistics with you for seamless waste material removal from your job site. We will even cater to your needs if multiple pick-ups are required daily. Our on-site four story hybrid shredder can shred up to 200 tons per hour, giving us the capacity to process all volumes of material, from large demolition to small renovation projects. We provide recycling and recovery services on-site for small loads through containers. We also provide the safest possible operations when working on your job site.

Our facility can handle all types of recyclable materials and our recycling capabilities are varied and extensive. We continue to expand our capabilities to provide our customers with the most efficient and complete demolition scrap recycling operations. You can be assured that you will realize the highest value possible for your recycled scrap metals. Contact one of our commercial demolition specialists with your requirements for a “Quick Quote” or free assessment today.