Metal Life

Love metal as much as we do? You should! Here’s why:

Metal is a part of all our lives. You can’t go through a day without having something metal be a part of your day-to-day experiences and routines. Don’t think so? Read the list below and see if you use any of the items mentioned. All of them contain metal and sometimes a combination of many different metals.

Let’s take a look at an average day…and see how much metal influences you. You may discover even more ways metal is a part of your life!

7:00 – Wake Up, Eat Breakfast

  • Turn on the lights (Light bulbs contain molybdenum)
  • Alarm Clock
  • Bed Frame*
  • Clothing (Copper buttons on jeans, Gold jewelry)
  • Coat Hangers*
  • Door knobs*
  • Bath faucets*
  • Water pipes*
  • Hot Water Heater*
  • Microwave*
  • TV
  • Lamp*
  • Blender*

7:30 – Leave for Work

  • Cell Phone*
  • Keys*
  • Car/Truck*
  • Coffee Maker
  • Radio*
  • Refrigerator*
  • Washing Machine*
  • Dryer*
  • Laptop/Tablet*

8:00 – Get to Work! or School!

  • Computers*
  • Phones*
  • Building Wiring*
  • Paint
  • Surgical Tools*
  • Planes, Jet Engines*
  • Playground Equipment*
  • Air Conditioning Units*
  • Satellites and Spacecraft
  • Desks*
  • Chairs*
  • Scissors
  • Pens
  • Printers/Copiers*
  • Sinks*
  • Can Soda*
  • Cameras*
  • DVD Players*
  • Ladders*
  • Servers*
  • Speakers*

5:00 – Shopping, Errands

  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout/Registers*
  • Money! (Coins)
  • Sunglasses
  • Metallic Packages, Cans*
  • Batteries*
  • Doors*
  • Window Frames*
  • Tables*
  • Metal Roofing*
  • Shelving*

6:00 – Gym, Sports

  • Basketball Goals*
  • Baseball bat*
  • Soccer Goals*
  • Tennis Racket*
  • Golf Clubs*
  • Weight Benches*
  • Earbuds
  • Fans*
  • Skateboard*
  • Treadmill*

7:00 – Dinner

  • Pots and Pans*
  • Ovens*
  • Silverware*
  • BBQ Grill*
  • Kitchen utencils*
  • Tin Foil*
  • Aerosol Cans*

…And the list just goes on! With all this being said, do you live a metal life?

We all have some way we interact with metal and we may take metal for granted without realizing it. We wanted to show you the important role metal plays and we really can’t live our lives without it.We also labeled all of the items above with a ‘ * ‘ so you know that we accept these items at our scrapyard. That’s right, you can bring these old, broken items to us for recycling, and get paid for it! We even accept cars, batteries and electronics!

Find a full list of acceptable metals on our website >>

TT&E does its part to keep the life of metal continuous. We pay you for your scrap metal. We then sell this metal to manufacturers to make into new products. The metal life cycle doesn’t end. We keep metal out of landfills and give it new life and meaning. #MetalLife

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