Happiest of Holiday wishes to you and yours from your friends here at TT&E.

*TT&E Holiday Hours: CLOSED DECEMBER 24th and DECEMBER 25th*

Enjoy fun times with family and friends and practice environmentally friendly celebrations near and far. Here are some tips for a joyful (and green) holiday:

Reuse or Recycle Gift Packing Materials
Bubble wrap can be stored for reuse, or recycled. Foam packing chips are not as easily recycled; if you don’t want to store this material for reuse, take it to a shipping center like Mailboxes. etc, who will accept it for their own use. Cardboard boxes should be opened flat and set out for recycling; storing and reusing these boxes is even better as no additional energy is used in remanufacturing.

Save any Special Gift Wrap, Ribbons and Bows
When unwrapping large gifts, save the paper for reuse; it can often be cut down for smaller presents. Creased wrapping can be ironed flat. Ribbons and bows are easy to save and reuse.

Recycle Old Electronics
New flat-screen computer monitors, laptops, cameras, cell phones and other electronic items are common holiday gifts. Older models which are being replaced are usually still in working order, however, and should not be discarded to a landfill. Recycle unused electronic goods by bringing them to TT&E’s facility.

See our list of accepted electronic items >>

Christmas Trees Can Be Recycled Too!
Live trees that have been cut are a useful material for composting. Composting requires a carbon source and Christmas trees are just right for municipal operations which use chippers to shred the material. Look for tree drop-off locations in your neighborhood. Artificial trees which are up for replacement can also be recycled. These trees are usually made from twisted metal which is accepted by most recycling centers.

Christmas doesn’t have to be a burden on the environment. With a little effort and imagination, we can reduce the environmental impact of the holiday season. Check out our website for specifics on recycling scrap metal with TT&E.