The school district of Forest City, Iowa felt there was something odd beneath the ground where new bus barns were to be erected.

During a recent excavation dig in preparation for a new construction project, hundreds of pounds of metal debris was unearthed. What they actually uncovered was the foundation to an old cannery and heaps of metal that seemed to belong to the former Winnebago Industries plant. The cannery operated from the late 1800s or early 1900s well into the 1950s. Once the Winnebago plant burned down, the company most likely moved the debris into the basement to fill it up, until it was rediscovered almost 70 years later.

Rae Yost, Forest City Summit

They were unsure what the metal consisted of, but it has no value to the local district. The best value is that it was discovered before any bus barn construction started. If the majority of the scrap can be recycled it will be dug out and shipped to the local scrap yard.

You just never know what is hiding underground!

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