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“I got my purse back”

On Thursday I got a call from Ronnie Thompson, owner of TT&E Iron and Metal, a scrap metal company in Garner. He had my purse and my mother’s purse, which were stolen from my home while my family slept on March 26. I wrote about the burglary April 10 in this column.

Thompson said his company collects recycled aluminum cans from schools, and one of his drivers found the purses in a receptacle at a school near my home. The driver brought them back to the facility in Garner, and Thompson found my license inside. He Googled my name and called me at work.

He had turned the purses over to Garner police, so I met an officer to get them. They are pretty dirty, but my mother’s wallet and its entire contents, minus cash, were there. My wallet was gone, but my license, News & Observer ID badge, a credit card and a few other cards were there. Of course, all were useless because I had declared them stolen.

No arrests have been made.

The timing is funny because I am finally bonding with my new purse, paid for by my insurance. We called the insurance company to report that the stolen purses had been found. We now must turn the purses over to the insurance company. They are technically the company’s property, because it had paid a claim for them.

We’ll drop them off next week. Heck if I’m going to be charged with insurance fraud while the robber goes free.

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