valentines day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and it is a favorite holiday for many, including us here at TT&E Iron and Metal, Inc. It’s a fun day to show your favorite people how much they are loved. While considering your purchases for Valentine’s Day, show Mother Earth your love by choosing recycled materials for unique gifts. Strive to Go Green on holidays to promote environmentally friendly habits. Here are some clever gift ideas:

Candy Boxes


  • Storage for gift wrapping materials.
  • Square candy boxes can be used for wrapping gifts, storing art supplies or carrying craft items.
  • Save your favorite Valentine’s love letters in empty heart-shaped boxes.
  • Fill boxes with homemade candy.
  • Use boxes for Valentine’s Day cards for next year.
  • Heart-shaped boxes can be used as a template for your kids to make heart Valentine’s.
  • Turn old boxes with colorful designs into decorations for next year’s parties.
  • Make a Picture Frame.
  • Cut and use for index cards.
  • Use a smaller box for storing paperclips, rubber bands, and other office supplies.
  • Use as a decorative change holder, or for hair clips and other accessories.

Other Green Gift Ideas: 

  • Brown paper grocery bags make great crafts and cards.
  • Gather natural items by taking a walk around your neighborhood and gather pine cones, acorns, pine needles, berries, and wildflowers. Use to decorate your Valentine’s Day card.
  • Empty Paper Towel Rolls – Fill with Valentine’s Day candy and wrap with reused festive paper to make a cool popper.
  • Jewelry – Use costume jewelry to make a memory bracelet. Attach earring parts, necklace pendants and other trinkets to a chain.
  • Old Scarves and Fabric – Cut cute hearts, flowers and Cupids out of pieces of material or clothing you no longer wear; glue to your Valentine’s Day card.
  • Mismatched Beads and Buttons – Attach buttons to a pretty “I Love You!” posterboard. Draw flower petals around them in bunches and cut out cardboard to make a flower pot underneath. Add beads and any sparkly odds-and-ends to your project. Write “My love keeps blooming for you!” on the board.
  • Old Photographs – Make a memories collage out of any old photographs you can find. If it’s in honor of your sweetie, hunt around for childhood photos and pics of his relatives and ancestors. Ask the family if you need to. Glue to a large photo frame backing or take an unwanted poster out of its frame for this purpose.

Remember, the best gifts come from the heart, not the store. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!!

Don’t forget to use TT&E’s drop-off services for your unused metal decorations. We strive to keep our environment clean and encourage recycling as a way to preserve our precious natural resources. Let’s work together!