What a beautiful Earth Day here in NC! Did you know that Earth Day was first celebrated more than 30 years ago! Earth day is synonymous with grassroots activism and has attracted many celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Watson.

TT&E has a continuing effort to make a positive impact on our community. One of our initiatives is to grow as a company into a Zero Waste industry. One of the ways we do this is by working with other recycling facilities for processing our by-product (fluff).  This means sorting out things like glass, rubber, and carpet from the metal we shred. This insures that it does not end up in a landfill.

All of this beautiful sunshine means our rooftop solar panels are also working to offset our carbon footprint. With the redesign of a resources life cycle, we can remanufacturer items to better benefit the environment. Zero Waste doesn’t just help the environment, it helps our economy too. Recycling, composting and reuse create green jobs, and lots of them!

We at TT&E urge you to take advantage of this beautiful weather and help us move towards our goal of a Zero-Waste operation. Brighten up your Earth Day with a little extra Green! We will pay top dollar for your scrap metal and old appliances!