January 19, 2015, is the day that the world will celebrate the birthday of the greatest activist, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As a country currently in its second term with its first black president, it is definitely a testament to how far things have come since King’s time on this Earth.

5 Fun Facts About Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • King’s original name was Michael King Jr. Later Michael King Sr. and Michael King Jr. changed their names to Martin Luther after German Protestant leader Martin Luther.
  • He was incredibly smart. He only attended two years of high school, skipping ninth and twelfth grade, before making his way to Morehouse College at age 15.
  • King is to date the youngest male to win a Nobel Peace Prize, winning it in 1964 at the age of 35 (at the time he was the youngest overall for the Peace Prize).
  • MLK is the only non-president with a national holiday in his honor.
  • On August 28th 1963 at a historic march in Washington DC for jobs, freedom, racial equality and the end of discrimination Martin Luther King delivered his famous “I have a dream” speech.