40 Years New Video
Recycling Mountains of Metal Since 1975

TT&E Iron & Metal, Inc. opened its doors in 1975 on a small two-acre site located on Garner Road, just south of Raleigh, NC. Founders and brothers Alfred and Wallace Thompson created an honest scrap metal recycling facility.

There isn’t much that is as special as seeing the origins of a company that was built on hard work and honest business. Seeing Alfred and Wallace recall their past and where TT&E came from is a testament to the invaluable foundation they have set for its’ future. Their sons, Ronnie and Scott, have now taken over and are continuing the legacy through building strong community relationships and valuing each customer as a friend and colleague.

40 years in the business and we continue to provide fast, efficient and friendly customer service.

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TT&E offers commercial and drop-off scrap metal recycling services. But that’s not all – TT&E is very involved in the local community and strives to keep the environment clean while encouraging recycling as a way to preserve our precious natural resources.

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