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Metals theft is not a victimless crime.

It’s been a while since we brought up metals theft in our blog, however, the issue persists in an ongoing fight by local law enforcement officials, scrap yards, and even individuals. If you have never been a victim of metals theft, that is great – we hope you never will be! But we want to keep you at the front of the issue so you understand the indirect impact it has on others, businesses and the community you live in. After all, awareness is the biggest influence of preventing crime. Even if you have witnessed a metals theft, do you know it can be reported? You can help in the fight against crime that is widespread and costs individuals and companies thousands of dollars every year. Continue reading →

School Bus

Pay close attention to the top blinking lights on a school bus. The blinking yellow lights mean the bus is slowing down so you should also prepare to reduce your speed. The red blinking lights mean it has stopped at which time you should also be stopped.

Help keep our children safe! Brake for stopped school buses.

Monday, August 29, 2016 is a big day for thousands of our students. They will be going back to school across our state. This means many will be walking and waiting at bus stops in areas including neighborhoods and main roads that we routinely drive on every day. Continue reading →

Keep Your Cool this Summer

With temps climbing into the 90s and a heat index well over 100, it can be hard to keep your cool. The south tends to experience a good deal of humidity in addition to the heat which can reduce the air quality. It can heat up pretty quickly especially when you are active and hauling scrap metal. We want you to stay safe out there, so here are some good ways to beat the summer heat. Continue reading →

Yard Sale Sign

How to have the best yard sale – ever!

Tis the season for yard sales! Instead of giving away or throwing out your reminiscent roller blades or old vinyl record collection, you can make some extra money and free up some space! We’ve conjured up some helpful tips to ensure your yard or garage sale is a success. By this we mean, you are able to get rid of a lot of stuff and make fast cash! Continue reading →

Honoring Our Troops Today, Every Day

Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have given their lives in the pursuit of freedom. It’s a difficult day to celebrate for many, but an honor to call America our home as a result of their immense courage and selfless sacrifice.

Young, old, men, women, every race that exists, every religion, every kind of person in the U.S. military has given their time, devotion, and loyalty to protecting civilians and politicians alike. We as citizens ought to show a deep gratitude to those who have left their families and loved ones in order to protect the millions of Americans, grateful and ungrateful alike.

We are forever grateful for the service of the military now, and the sacrifice of the military every day.

Children & recycling—what’s the connection?

The world is growing at an exponential rate, leaving our young children and future generations with less and less space for living and growing. This is one of the most critical reasons why recycling needs to be discussed, especially with children. When we ingrain in them the facts and consequences of landfills and waste dumps, we have a brighter opportunity to resolve and pursue solutions to protect and conserve our environment and community,

The Conversation

How do we start this conversation? What information is crucial to include? How do we keep their interest?

TT&E has always valued our clients, even our little ones that tag along. We appreciate seeing kids and teenagers around our facilities, and we do everything possible to help educate. We really enjoy hosting field trips for tours and demonstrations!  We even offer fun facts and coloring pages on our website to encourage your little ones to explore a little more deeply what it means to recycle and how much it can really change the world when they do their part.

Here’s some fun facts to mention next time you’re tucking in your daughter or nephew or kid you babysit:

  • Metal can be recycled an infinite number of times. Paper can be recycled 4-7 times.
  • The U.S. annually recycles enough copper to provide the copper content of more than 26,000 Statues of Liberty.
  • Recycling one automobile conserves 2,500 lbs. of iron ore, 1,400 lbs. of coal, and 120 lbs. of limestone.

Want more cool facts? Visit our fun-facts page here >>

Interested in some fun coloring pages for your little one? TT & E’s Recycling Buddies Timmy and Tin-Tin have put together a couple of coloring pages just for you! Download to print them out and color your masterpiece. Print out Timmy & Tin-Tin here >>

Have you visited TT&E Iron and Metal with your kids lately? We’d love to see you and educate your mini-me’s about how the earth needs their help to keep it healthy and beautiful!

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We hope you will celebrate the 46th year of the Earth Day movement with us!

This year’s global theme revolves around getting closer to its 50th anniversary and planting 7.8 billion trees!

Continue reading →

The Creative Side of Scrap

Metal sculptures—a fascination primarily held by innovative, handy artists. You’ll happen upon them in lawns, NYC, all over the world. Let’s visit some unique, lesser talked about sculptures in the world.

  • Balloon sculptures by Jeff Koons: mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating » View here
  • The Angel of the North by Anthony Gormley: corten steel, weighs 200 tonnes with 500 tonnes of concrete foundations » View here
  • Cage II by Walter de Maria: Stainless steel, minimalist kinetic art » View here
  • La Grande Vitesse by Alexander Calder: 42 tons of steel welded & bolted together in 27 sections » View here

As you can see, recycling metal doesn’t just benefit the environment and our community. We find creativity, expression, & common grounds in the beauty of art. Without your recycled scrap metal however, there is no art.

Stop by our scrapyard today! Tell us about your favorite scrap art. Visit us »

Logo ISRI2016

The ISRI Convention and Expo is the world’s largest scrap recycling industry convention and tradeshow. This year’s host city is Las Vegas, Nevada. Beginning on April 2 through April 7, five days will be full of top-notch advice, tips, knowledge and networking from some of the best in the field of scrap recycling. Don’t miss out on this informative event.

ISRI Convention & Exposition 2016

  • Dates: 02 – 07 Apr, 2016
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

This event is a great source of information about the scrap metal market, trends, and economic outlooks. We are always striving to be the scrap metal leaders in our community. Looking to events like this allows us to learn more about how the market is progressing and how to best serve our customers. For more information, visit our website or view their brochure here.

In Memory

We lost one of our employees of 8 years to massive heart failure on Wednesday, January 6, 2016. Mario Anderson was a valued employee of TT&E.   We are all incredibly sad to lose him and will miss his warm smile and firm handshake.

View his obituary here » 


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