Nonferrous metals, including aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc and others, are among the few materials that do not degrade or lose their chemical or physical properties in the recycling process.

As a result, nonferrous metals have the capacity to be recycled an infinite number of times. While in terms of volume, nonferrous scrap makes up a small percentage of the total quantity of material recycled in the United States, by value nonferrous metal scrap — including precious metal scrap — accounts for more than half of total U.S. scrap recycling industry earnings.

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A Few Industry Stats:

  • Copper is the best non-precious metal conductor of electricity
  • The United States annually recycles enough copper to provide the copper content for nearly 25,000 Statues of Liberty
  • A used aluminum can is recycled and back on the grocery shelf in as little as 60 days
  • The United States exported $12 billion worth of nonferrous scrap to nearly 90 countries in 2013, including China, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Belgium, India and

More than nine million metric tons of nonferrous scrap was processed in the United States last year from a wide array of consumer, commercial and industrial sources. Nonferrous scrap is then consumed by secondary smelters, refiners, ingot makers, fabricators, foundries and other industrial consumers in the United States and in approximately 90 countries worldwide. These consumers rely on nonferrous scrap as a competitive, environmentally preferable and energy efficient input to manufacture brand new products, continuing the nonferrous metals lifecycle.

TT&E Iron and Metal accepts both ferrous and nonferrous metals for recycling. Non-ferrous metals are generally more expensive than ferrous metals because of their different properties like being lower weight, non-magnetic, and in some cases having higher conductivity. For more information please be sure to review our metal guidelines.

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Items TT&E Does Not Accept:

  • Kegs
  • Televisions or computer monitors
  • Sealed containers, cans and tanks (must be cut in half)
  • Hazardous waste and material containing PCBs
  • Appliances containing CFCs, capacitors, mercury switches

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