The scrap metal industry is a multi-billion-dollar “Made In America” success story. Scrap recycling boosts economies ranging from small town America to major cities.

Scrap Recycling Creating Jobs in North Carolina

Scrap materials are processed in the United States and are sold both here and to other countries to be made into new products. Recycling is recognized as one of the 1st green industries, scrap recycling creates and supports jobs. It also has a positive impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy and protecting our natural resources.

The industry recycled more than 135 million metric tons in materials in 2011 by transforming outdated or obsolete scrap into useful materials for new products. In fact, the people and firms that purchase, process and broker old scrap to be manufactured into new products provide 15,223 people with good jobs in North Carolina.

A few quick facts:

Approximately 4,702 jobs are being supported by operations of the scrap recycling industry in North Carolina. In addition to this, approximately 10,521 jobs are indirectly support by the scrap recycling industry through suppliers.

$2.4 billion in economic benefits are generated by this industry in North Carolina.

The U.S. scrap recycling industry takes in account approximately 55% of the nation’s total economic activity.  This would make it similar in size to the cosmetics, the milk and aircraft engine industries.

In recent independent research shows there is more than enough scrap to meet American manufacturers’ demands for recycled material into the future. Thus reinforcing the scrap recycling industry role as a positive solution.  All told, the scrap recycling industry generates $99.0 million in tax revenues for North Carolina and its local governments.

Every year, TT&E Iron & Metal, sells millions of pounds of recycled metal directly to end users. Thus reducing the amount of waste in landfills or metals that would have to be mined. For more information regarding recycling and our services, please visit our website or call us at 919-797-9190.