Tis the Season to Scrap

Can you name 12 items to scrap this holiday?

Some unique items you don’t normally come across all year can be recycled during the cold winter months and holidays. Many times, we re-use decorations or items year after year, and they finally wear out. Once this happens you can recycle them, make money and purchase a new one to replace it!

Here are 12 items you’ll probably use, re-use and then recycle:

  1. String Lights & Ornaments
  2. Extension Cords
  3. Tree Stands
  4. Cameras and Camcorders
  5. Fireplace Grates, Doors
  6. Ladders
  7. Power Strips and Surge Protectors
  8. Space Heaters
  9. Furnaces
  10. Electronics & E-Waste
  11. Generators (Home, Car, Large)
  12. Batteries (Lead acid, UPS, LIthium, NI-MH, NI Cad, Automotive, Household, Rechargeable)

As always, check out the entire list of acceptable (and non-acceptable) items on our website »

If you aren’t sure it can be recycled, just call and ask! (919) 772-9190

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