Community of Hope Field Trip

Last Wednesday, TT&E hosted a field trip for the kids from Community of Hope. 31 kids and 8 chaperons visited the huge recycling facility for a tour of the shredder on TT&E’s property to teach them about the benefits of recycling.

The kids got to see the shredder in action while learning about its huge effects on conserving our environment and natural resources!

Here’s some of what they learned:

  • Electric & Water-Cooled Metso Texas Hybrid Shredder
  • No negative effect on the environment
  • The motors, electronics and hydraulics reside in a 4-story building
  • The machine and its components cover 4 acres
  • Can shred an entire car in a few seconds
  • Can shred up to 200 tons of scrap metal per hour


Community of Hope

The Community of Hope Foundation is a ministry that “seeks to meet the needs of AT RISK people in the Garner area. Our goal is to Glorify God in all we do as well as in the way we do it.”

Since 2004, Community of Hope Ministries has been serving the at-risk population in the greater Garner community. The Community of Hope Ministries operations office is located on the campus of First Baptist Church, Garner. However it has existing partnerships with many local churches, the Town of Garner and over 40 local businesses.

Thank you, Community of Hope, for visiting TT&E and learning about what we do here. Don’t forget to wear your hard hats around heavy equipment and come back to see us soon!