What the pros know.

Tips from experienced scrappers that will save you time and (hopefully) make you more money!

Keep Your Scrap Metal Safe

Unfortunately, some people take advantage of our hard work to scrap metal and try to steal it. It’s actually a big problem we face. Scrap metal pros know that having a safe, secure area to store your scrap will help deter thieves and prevent theft. Scrap metal is often lifted from businesses, construction sites and homes. Lock it up in a shed and/or install a high fence around your work area. This investment will not only save your scrap value but give you peace of mind.

Bake Your Wires in the Sun

That’s right! Living in the south means warmer days and hot sun, especially in the summer. Use the natural warmth of the sun to help warm up your wires so you can strip them easier and faster. Just leave them outside for an hour or two in direct sunlight depending on the temperature. Don’t over bake them or the plastic coating can stick to the metal wire inside…

Use the Same Containers

This may seem odd to mention, but consistently using the same containers (or containers with the same weight) to bring your scrap to the scrap yard can help you know the tare of your buckets or cans. Being familiar with your tare weight means you can learn more quickly the value of your scrap before getting to the scrap yard. You can even write the tare weight on the outside of your containers you can rest assured that you are getting the right value for your scrap’s weight. Then once you’ve scrapped multiple times, start building a knowledge base of your scrap’s value per container. This makes it easier to manage and your process more efficient.

Invest in a Magnetic Broom

Who hasn’t had a screw end up in their tire? This might be the most expensive broom on the market, but it can add up to savings in the long run. This is a nifty tool that you can use to sweep the grounds where you work to clean up small pieces of metal or screws so that they don’t end up in your tires. Of course, saving you time and money.

Scratch Key Test

When it comes to distinguishing between stainless steel and aluminum, you might not always have a file handy. More than likely you will have car keys on you, so just use a key to scratch metal to find out if it is stainless steel or aluminum. Aluminum scratches very easily and stainless does not. This quick test saves a lot of time and can help you while sorting.

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