Below are a few things to remember while visiting our facility to recycle your scrap metal. For your safety and that of other customers, please follow all TT&E Iron & Metal, Inc. guidelines and restrictions.

Items To Remove From All Scrap Before Recycling:

  • Batteries or pieces of batteries, including household batteries except undamaged lead acid vehicle batteries
  • Tires (we will take metal rims)
  • Unspent air bag canisters and other explosive materials
  • Closed containers, paint buckets, food containers
  • Garbage, rags, paper, glass, wood, dirt, concrete and other debris
  • Wet transformers
  • Light ballasts, no PCBs, no capacitors or fluorescent tubes
  • Freon
  • Smoke detectors
  • Tanks must have one end of tank cut out and must be dry with no residue or smell
  • No radioactive/toxic materials

Read Full List of Recycling Guidelines (PDF) >>

Items We DO NOT Accept:

  • Kegs
  • Televisions or computer monitors
  • Sealed containers, cans and tanks (must be cut in half)
  • Hazardous waste and material containing PCBs
  • Appliances containing CFCs, capacitors, mercury switches

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TT&E Iron & Metal looks forward to processing your recyclables! Give us a call anytime with your questions! (919) 797-9190. Or stop by our convenient Garner NC location.