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Scrap Metal Recycling Facility

Raleigh's Fully Paved Parking Drop-Off Areas
TT&E Recycling Center in Raleigh
Location & Driving Directions
  • Adequate driveway space
  • All scrap metal is processed on-site.
  • We sort and ship out to recyclers by truck or rail in Raleigh
  • We ship out 25 to 30 truckloads of recyclable metal each day
  • Each Truckload Weighs about 40,000 pounds

NC's Largest Scale System

Truck & Vehicle Weigh Stations
TT&E Scrap Metal Recycling in Raleigh
  • 4 Truck Scales 70ft long
  • Shipping/Receiving Scales 14 ft wide
  • Line up 3 Cars At a Time to Check in 
  • Separate Big Rig Scale off the parking lot

Eco-Friendly Metal Recycling

Electric & Water-Cooled Metso Texas Hybrid Shredder
TT&E Metal Shredder
  • No negative effect on the environment
  • The motors, electronics and hydraulics reside in a 4-story building
  • The machine and its components cover 4 acres
  • Can shred an entire car in a few seconds
  • Can shred up to 200 tons of scrap metal per hour
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